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Discreet Heating – a picture on the wall which is an electric heater too!

Many homes in our rural villages are limited to electric heating with no mains gas or space for an oil tank, in the past electric heating was seen to be very expensive to run and inconvenient to operate. However, it is now well worth the investment to install modern electric heating, panel heaters are now fully controllable and come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit every room of the house and are of course much more energy efficient than old wall heaters or storage heaters.

Modern electric heaters are designed to be more discreet and can even look like a mirror or picture on the wall, they are designed to be a part of your décor and not something to be hidden behind a sofa!

Infrared heating is the modern way to heat homes, instead of blowing hot air around infrared energy warms surfaces, people, walls and furnishings, directly, these then give off heat to warm the air, so it is a much more effective way to heat the air because it is more likely to stay warm, and the whole room feels cosier because everything is warmed. As a bonus, by reducing the temperature difference between the air and the walls also reduces the likelihood of wall condensation and black mould which is excellent news for our old stone buildings here in the South West.

Modern electric heaters draw far less power than their old counterparts, for example, a small infrared picture heater is around 300 watts (that’s equivalent to 3 or 4 old fashioned light bulbs) and will heat a room of about 6 square meters – a small kitchen, box room, bathroom or study as the only heating source, larger heaters are available for larger rooms. An electric heater only needs a power supply so it is easy to install into any room of the house which currently needs heating, you can use it in conjunction with your existing heating system or log burner or as the only heating system in a property.

Modern electric heaters, with their low energy use, can also be partly or fully powered by solar panels or renewables, and soon, with developments in battery storage you will be able to take advantage of daytime generation and use it in the evenings too, which will lower your heating costs even further!

This blog was provided by Multi-heat Energy Systems