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The Smart Kitchen

Times are changing and more and more of us putting importance on family space and spending more social time in the kitchen.  It is undoubtedly the hub of most homes so why haven’t you introduced more smart technology into your kitchen?  Here are a few reasons why I think a little bit of technology makes the kitchen a special place.

When we wake in the morning, the kitchen is generally the first place we go, for that morning cup of tea, which is so easy with the instant Zip hot water tap.  On the chilly mornings that sometimes catch us out, my kitchen technology means that it’s great to turn the heating up on my smart tablet next to the bed, so that it’s pleasantly warm when I get downstairs.  The Lutron lighting control can offer a dimmed lighting mode that is gentle on the eyes as the sun rises in the morning.  As the natural light of the day increases, the blinds gradually open.  The children appear eager for breakfast, select their favourite radio station on the multi-room Nuvo system and adjust the lighting to ‘morning’ mode …….. and so the day begins!

At weekends, the kitchen is always the place to congregate – friends gather to chill, animals find cosy places to sleep and children are in and out for food and playing with friends.  The responsive heating and lights that can change to suit the task make the room appear intuitive, creating the right mood for whatever you want to do.

When I leave work on the days when I have efficiently prepared a meal in the morning, I can switch the oven on from my smart phone knowing it will be beautifully cooked when we all get home starving!  Once again the home is the centre of activity as we share the day’s events over dinner.  We select ‘all on’ lighting mode as we clear the kitchen and stack the dishwasher, then we adjust to ‘TV’ mode and settle down to watch a family programme on our Aquavision TV which is neatly flushed into the wall.

In the evening, the kitchen becomes a peaceful haven for me and the other half to enjoy a glass of wine, listening to our favourite music from the discreet speakers, dimming the lights and shutting the blinds from the comfort of our cosy chairs with my smart phone.

At Intelligent Abodes we can help you to create your perfect Smart Home.  Whether it be lighting, heating, blinds, surveillance or audio visual, we are an award-winning company that can provide a full end to end professional service.  We work with you to understand your vision, develop the concept, install, train and support you every step of the way.

This blog was provided by Karen from Intelligent Abodes