2nd & 3rd May 2020 Royal Cornwall Events
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Tips for Pet-Proofing your Home

Posted: 04/04/2018 by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

Pet-friendly holidays are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the UK holiday market. With an estimated 8.5 million dog owners in the UK, there’s huge o...
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What is EcoDesign? What does LOT 20 mean?

Posted: 05/03/2018 by Andrew Weaver in Cornwall

From 1st January 2018 all local space electric heaters manufactured and sold in the EU must meet a set of minimum efficiency standards, this essentially me...
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Local Home Show Encourages Visitors to Buy Local and Support new Businesses!

Posted: 06/11/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Cornwall, Cornwall Home Show, Home Improvement, Renewables

On Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October the Cornwall Home Improvement & Self Build Show opened its doors to over 3500 visitors. The event, sponsored b...
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What to Look Out for When Buying a Holiday Home – Part 1

Posted: 20/09/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

Whether you’re buying a holiday home in Cornwall for investment or personal reasons you’ll need to consider certain key factors about the property. ...
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Do you Make the Most of your Garden?

Posted: 12/07/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Gardens, Home Improvement

Space! We all wish we had more of it and often we have – right under our noses! We just don’t make use of it. Think about your garden.  Whether you h...
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Make Your Garden Glow, using Automated Watering Systems and Outdoor Lighting Control

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Gardens

Increasingly we see the garden as an extension to our home, to admire, provide relaxation and to produce flowers, fruit & vegetables.  The recent warm...
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Buying a Holiday Home as an Investment

Posted: 29/06/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

Like buy-to-let properties, holiday homes work as investments and part of a general investment portfolio. They make a very different investment type, howev...
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Explore Cornwall with St Merryn Park, Padstow

Posted: 06/06/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

St Merryn Park is the perfect base from which to explore Cornwall, just a stone’s throw from the popular and picturesque harbour town of Padstow, St Merr...
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Government tries to sell off our Land Registry – AGAIN!

Posted: 12/04/2016 by Andrew Weaver in Home Improvement, Legal Services

Why is this so important? - Because anyone who has bought, or intends to buy, property in England and Wales will be affected by this. (more…)...
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Why is an air source heat pump the perfect heating solution for new build projects?

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Home Improvement, Sustainable Living

Whether you’ve undertaken a self-build previously or you’re currently planning a project, you’ll understand the importance of choosing the right heat...
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